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The climbs are mostly on beautiful forest trails, sometimes on mountain roads, sometimes on uphill singletracks but each time we reach our target, it’s the descents that will remain engraved in your memories as a rider Our idea of All-Mountain is to combine physical fitness and enjoyment. Of course, there will be tough climbs, fatigue, hike-a-bike sections…etc. You can expect between 1200 and 2100 meters of uphill per day.

But each time your efforts will be rewarded with stunning views, breathtaking scenery, orgasmic singletrack descents, plus a guide and the best ambiance. An incredible mountain biking experience!!! * For lunch, several options are available depending on your choice, location and season. If you choose the all-inclusive all mountain MTB tour formula, lunch is provided. If not, it may be possible to stop at your lodging option or picnic; all subject to the day’s agenda.

Sessions & Prices



  • All-Mountain day 75 € / person
  • All-Mountain Week-end from 140 €
  • All-inclusive trip from 790 €
  • Raid / roaming

Various lodge options  : gîtes / Chalet / apartments, CONTACT US

Level :  E-bike discovery / Intermédiaire / Expert

Our sessions take place every day from early may to end of october

Possibility to book private sessions, contact us

Need a bike, no worries

MTB Guides

Some of our days

To inspire you, here are some itineraries of previous trips. Don’t worry we have many others. Create different ride options to accommodate for differences in ability level. The guide is free to choose the terrain according to the group, weather and trail maintenance.


D+ 1400M / D – 1700M / ALTITUDE MAX 2400M / ALTITUDE MINI 1450M By shuttle bus, we transfer to other side of the Lautaret mountain pass. Start the day in an astounding spot discovering a magnificent plateau and its lakes, with the Meije summit looming in the distance at 3984 meters. Down a super trail to reach the village of La Grave. From there we join the shuttle bus that takes us to our home valley to the start of a climb, followed by a single connecting to a long, balcony trail. Follow a medley of flat, uphill, downhill, technical and playful trails before hitting the fast descent in the lush, larch forest. A day full of memories.

HOULALA / CROIX DE BRETAGNE, Orceyrette / Mélézin

D+ 1300M / D – 1300M / ALTITUDE MAX 2100M / ALTITUDE MINI 1200M By a military trail, access a fort which overlooks Briançon to reach our first descent leading us to a stunning mountain lake and our picnic spot. From there, several possibilities present if the group has energy to spare. If not, we will hike our bikes for 15 minutes to reach a very aesthetic trail including a balcony section to lead us to the start of an ultra-lively spot. Landscape and bike handling skills.


D+ 1550M / D – 1550M  / ALTITUDE MAX 2450M / ALTITUDE MINI 1200M

During this day, which takes place in the heart of our very own valley, you’ll understand the enormous mountain biking potential of our home turf.  Our ride starts with a long 1000 meter climb to reach the Col de Granon pass.  We arrive at a long descent leading us above Briancon, to numerous small, punchy climbs and flowy descents that it’s impossible not to have fun.  And all this surrounded in glorious scenery!!!


D+ 1650M / D – 2750M / ALTITUDE MAX 2300M / ALTITUDE MINI 900M Transfer by shuttle to a valley a little farther away but worth the detour. For about 30 minutes, we wind our way around many curves to reach a splendid mountain pass. Grab our bikes for a nice climb before switching to a lovely trail, technical at the start then decidedly ludic to the bottom of the valley, a long run… Then the shuttle will pick us up, and proceed to drop us off on the opposite side to reach another beautiful spot with the diversity of the terrain reigns. The descents will leave you smiling. So good. So beautiful.


D+ 1400M / D – 1700M / ALTITUDE MAX 2450M / ALTITUDE MINI 1300M Off to the Italian border. We’ll start the day with a a 800 meters climb to reach a unique geological point of view. We embark on the land of an ancient oceanic-alpine volcano. In addition, the trails are superb surrounded by illuminating lakes worthy of film landscapes. Ride on to the Italian mountain pass to a fast, grin-inducing descent. From there, you’ll ride to the border before attacking our second climb to access a technical and physically demanding trail that leads us to Briançon to celebrate with an ice cream or local beer.